Wii Sports: A Homerun of Success

In case you didn't know, the Nintendo Wii is a new console created by Nintendo, one of the largest video game companies in the world.

Wii Sports is a complimentary game that comes with the Nintendo Wii upon purchase at no extra charge. Usually freebies are cheap, and tossed to the side, but Wii Sports caught my attention. Wii Sports is a compilation of five different sports– Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. Each game for these sports are unique, and there are extra games created for each sport as well such as Power Bowling, and much more.

Let me give you a run down of each individual sport on Wii Sports.


Baseball is a game in which you only hit on single player, but if there are two players you alternate between pitcher and hitter. There is no running involved, the computer does all of that for you. For the pitcher there are four different kinds of pitches: No Buttons = Fastball, A Button = Screwball, B Button = Curveball, A +B Buttons = Splitter. In order to hit you hold the Wii remote like a bat, vertically, and swing. In order to pitch you throw overhand, the faster the sensor moves across the screen, the faster the pitch will be. However, in two player mode it is not best to always throw fast. Mix it up a bit with slow and fast pitches, and variate in type of pitches as well. I think there's 3 innings altogether.


Bowling is my favorite game by far. In bowling there can be up to four players. Obviously, each person goes individually. When throwing the ball, you hold the B Button to make your character walk up to the throw line, while also bringing the controller back at the same time as if you were really bowling. In order to release the ball you must let go of the B Button, and raise the Wii remote as if you were really bowling. In order to make the ball spin turn the remote to the left or right, depending on which way you want the ball to spin. You can also turn your character somewhat by hitting the A Button before you throw, and select a new angle at which you would like to throw the ball. Like a real bowling game, there are the full amount of frames. Once you hit 1,000 points, you reach the Pro status and gain access to a new ball. The best side game, in my opinion, is the bowling Power Bowling game in which you get ten throws. As each throw goes on you get to a new lane, and the quantity of pins increases dramatically till there are about 90-100 pins on screen on the last throw. When gaining a strike on any lane, the score doubles for that throw. Usually the formula for that game is 1 Pin = 1 Point.


Boxing is the only Wii Sports game that you need the Nunchuk portion of the controller for. Boxing is a single or two player game. In order to throw a right punch you use the Wii Remote, to throw a left punch you use the Nunchuk portion that connects to the bottom of the Wii Remote. Hold the remote and the nunchuk as if you were really boxing for blocking. When playing there are circle health meters to show the amount of health left for you, and the other player. Counter hits usually deal the most damage. When a player or computer is knocked down, there is a chance that they may get up after some time. In order to move out of the way, or dodge an attack, lean the controll and nunchuk in the way you would like your character to move.


Golf is a game in which up to four people can play. There are several courses for Golf in Wii Sports. In order to start playing Golf on Wii Sports, hold your remote as if you were seriously playing golf outside of the Wii. When swinging you hold the A Button to get close to the ball to actually swing. Not holding the A Button will result in a practice swing where you don't even hit the ball. In order to choose the power of each hit there is a power meter on the left hand side of the screen. The power meter correlates with the distance the ball will go. For example, if you hit the ball at 50% on the power meter, it will go 50% of the way the line shows on the map, which is located on the bottom right hand side of the screen. When you max out the power meter, the ball drifts either to the left or the right also. In order to change clubs use the Directional Pad by pressing left or right. For putting it is the same deal as if you were hitting regularly, except don't swing the Wii Remote as much, and do it a steady speed in order to get the ball into the hole to score.


Tennis is the last sport I am going to talk about. In order to play tennis, hole the Wii Remote as if you were really holding a tennis racket. The timing of your stroke shows where the ball is going to go in the tennis court. Up to four people can play tennis at the same time. In order to serve you swing the Wii Remote overhead, and for the forehand and backhand you swing the Wii Remote as if you were really swinging a tennis racket. There are no buttons to press really, it's all about swinging the Wii Remote as if it were a real tennis racket.

Wii Fitness

Wii Fitness is a compilation of a few sports– tennis, baseball, and bowling. For each portion there are different tasks. For tennis you hit 50 balls, for baseball you try to hit homeruns, and bowling you keep bowling and trying to pick up spares that are specifically set up. After you are done completing all of the specified tasks the Wii takes a minute and figures out your "age". Your Wii age basically means how well you did, 20 being the best, 80 being the worst.


The training portion of Wii Sports is basically a compilation of games for each individual sport. There are three additional games for each individual sport in Wii Sports. In order to gain access to these you must play them in chronological order. I will go into the Training in Wii Sports more in depth in a seperate article since it contains so much in depth information.

Overall, Wii Sports was a great hit, and the best part is that it was FREE. For a good time when it comes to video games, and you don't feel like playing Halo again, I suggest setting up your Nintendo Wii and playing some Wii Sports.

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