The Top 5 Most Annoying Sports Sounds

According to a recent ABC News poll the Vuvuzela, made famous by the FIFA World Cup, was voted the second most annoying sports related sound of all time. But, what might be annoying to some may not be annoying to everyone. Some of the most annoying sounds voted by readers of ABC's news website are part of the culture for a certain area or what identifies the fans of a sports team.

This article will discuss the various sounds and instruments many sports fans all around the world find annoying. Whether it is watching the World Cup Match or a baseball game on TV, or being in the stands at a sporting event and having to sit behind someone blowing or hitting a noisy object or instrument.

Cow Bells –

The cow bells are something a lot of fans have used over the years at various games, but usually not a large amount of users, just the occasional ring of the bell can be heard. The cow bells became famous after the Tampa Bay Rays started handing them out as promotional items at their games.

I myself have been at a Red Sox vs. Rays game on the day the bells were handed out. I wouldn't call the overuse of the bells annoying as much as I would the people deliberately ringing them in the ears of Red Sox fans. Throw some alcohol in the mix and you might see a fight or two break out in the stands.

The Tomahawk Chop –

The Tomahawk Chop started at Florida State University and became famous during the 1991 World Series when fans of the Atlanta Braves adopted the chant to support their team. Many people complain the noise some of the fans make is just too much and is up there with Grunting during a Tennis match by the players, We Will Rock You by Queen, the YMCA by the Village People and the Gary Glitter sports staple Rock and Roll Part 2.

The Tomahawk Chop also has the distinction of being labeled racist and insensitive by many people and several Native American groups have pushed to have it banned at sporting events. The level of the sound depends on the fan making it, and a lot of times ego and alcohol play a big part in this being named an annoying sports sound.

Drums –

Drums are a staple at any sporting event, from football to basketball and baseball, you are guaranteed to find several fans beating a drum and chanting during a game. The drums at the games usually come in all shapes and sizes and many fans sitting in the stands have complained and pushed for the drums to be banned.

But you will also find many sports fans who enjoy the drums and call them a little nuisance. The most die-hard fans to get the drums going are usually football fans who enjoy getting dressed up, wearing their team colors in paint on their bodies and dancing around before or during the game. Many teams, like the Atlanta Braves still hand out drums during special occasions to little kids who come to see the games.

Vuvuzela –

With the FIFA World Cup Soccer matches in it's finally stages the Vuvuzela has been one of the noisiest and most recognizable musical instruments on television right now. Many viewers have taken to online message boards, YouTube videos and social networks to vent their frustrations at the often piercing sounds made by the vuvuzela's.

A vuvuzela is a long traditional horn in South Africa where many cultures identify with it outside of sporting events. But the instrument seemed to go viral and explode overnight. It has been parodied everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel to Jay Leno to the Daily Show, and has spawned its own fan pages on the Internet and countless jokes on Twitter and Facebook. The noise got so bad many times before matches started officials had to ask the fans not to play the vuvuzela's during games or press conferences. But it seems the instrument is here to stay and has already started popping up at many other sporting events around the world. Time will tell how long the vuvuzela has before it fades out of sports fans sounds to make during a fame.

Thunderstix –

If you don't know what a Thunderstix is, you might consider yourself lucky. The Thunderstix was voted the most annoying sports related sound in the ABC News poll. These inflatable plastic tubes first became overwhelmingly popular when the Anaheim Angels made it to the 2002 World Series championship. They have since popped up elsewhere at other sporting events. Fans love them because the louder they are the better they are for cheering their team on.

Basically with the Thunderstix you bang them together and they make a lot of really loud noise. But, the average TV viewer might not hear the scope of the noise since the stix have a way of making a loud noise in the general area they are being played in. The sound they make is more of an annoyance to the people around you in a sports stadium.

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