The Secret to Catfishing

One of the best kept secrets to catfishing is what bait to use and how to keep the bait on the hook. These two issues have plagued fishermen for ages. Catfish are notorious for picking your hook clean and never actually “taking” the bait.

There are thousands of different baits that people use to catch cats all over the US. I’ve seen numerous types of commercial dough bait, dip bait, punch bait, blood bait, cut shad, nightcrawlers, homemade stuff, wheaties, cut perch, bream, etc. But, I’ve just never seen anything that works as well as LIVER!!!!! Chicken Liver works best, but beef liver and hog liver work as well.

Now, most people don’t like using liver for a very specific reason, they go through tons of bait and that starts to get expensive. The issue with liver is that its a soft bait, and easily picked off the hook. Another issue is that when you cast chicken liver you have to be extremely careful not to throw it off.

Here is the solution, and it’s a very simple one. After baiting your hook with the liver, wrap the bait with inexpensive thread. There is no need to tie the thread it will cut into the liver and itself to form a secure hold, just be sure to pull it tight. You will be able to easliy cast it, and the bait will stay on the hook better than anything you’ve tried in th past.

Another tip is to let the cat take the bait for a bit, don’t set the hook too early! Wait for a deep pull, don’t yank it back if it is just a tap. The taps indicate that the fish is picking at the bait and “testing” it.

Also, catfish are sensitive to hard spots in the bait caused by a metal hook. Using treble hooks only increases this sensitivity. My recommendation is to use “circle” hooks or “kahle” hooks. These hooks are easier for the the fish to take and their geometry makes for a much better hookset ratio.

Well, there you have it! Get out there and fish! Tight lines!

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