Talk about beginners luck!  Lucky Lisa Kenerson with a fat 17″ wild rainbow trout caught on her second cast of the 2005 season!
A happy angler with a hungry spawned out 17″ female wild rainbow trout taken in May.

As you can see, even on weekends during the prime times of year, I manage to find my clients large tracts of water all to themselves.  Pictured is the upper Winooski River.

While a 17″ wild rainbow trout caught on a dry fly is not something to be downplayed, what really struck me about this trout was its markings, conditioning, and overall beauty.  It was caught by my good friend and fly-fishing photographer extraordinaire David Lambroughton.

Fishing fanatic and all around great guy Barry Parker with a beautiful 12″ wild rainbow caught during the early season nymphing a very deep, turbulent pool.
Local angler Paul Zuchowski with a very nice 14″ wild rainbow trout taken during Hendrickson season on the upper Winooski River.
When the temps get too high on the big rivers, we head into the hills for some shady mountain stream fishing for all 3 species of wild trout. Here George Madsen catches a beautiful 11″ wild brown trout on a 3 wt. and a small dry fly.
Here is a shot of me doing a little fly-fishing myself on my property on the upper Connecticut River, located in the middle of the no-kill zone , I have 700 ft. of prime riverfront habitat.
This 20″ 3.25 lb. wild brown trout was taken by sight fishing with a Hendrickson Emerger just before the hatch started.
Client and good friend John Mudgett with a fine 14″ wild rainbow trout caught on the Winooski.

After catching 20 smaller wild trout durring the trico hatch 2 weeks earlier, Roger Inouge returned to find the big ones! The morning started out with a beautiful 15″ wild rainbow and after catching another half-dozen rainbow from 8″-14″, our day was capped off by right-fishing to the monster wild rainbow trout nymphing on a flat. 20″ on the nose and over 3lbs, it was the trout of the season!

Trout like this are special anywhere in the country, and the fact that we heve them in our Vermont streams ans rivers makes it even more special. This 19″ wild rainbow trout was caught in lat october from the Winooski and put up a spectacular fight on a 3 wt.!
A client trying not to make much of a wake on a spooky flat during the trico hatch on a difficult wild trout stream tough low water conditions!
18.5 inch wild Vermont brown.
22 inch wild Vermont brown female. 3+ pounds.
22.5 inch wild Vermont brown weighing over three pounds, caught on a #14 March Brown Parachute.
Same 22.5 inch brown.
Jane Becher caught this wild rainbow September 2001
Lawton fights a big VT bow.
She dives.
She poses for a photo before release!





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