Many people today enjoy fish regularly in their lives, but with many of them, problems like overfishing are completely overlooked. Recently, fishing in many areas has become hard to control and people are bringing in more fish than allowed to make a better living, even without a price. Putting stricter bans, larger fines and more enforcement behind these bans we would be able to gain a stronger hold on illegal fishing. This fishing harms the ecosystem, encourages species extinction and even if a person was to get caught he or she could sell the fish for much more than the fine. Why is there no one to stop these over fishers?

You may have heard of animals becoming extinct because of poaching for their fur or bones or other parts of their body but now we are starting to harm the marine ecosystem by exploiting the fishes of the ocean. Overfishing can severely harm the marine ecosystem by removing or bending links in the food chain. If one type of fish becomes less abundant than whatever eats that fish will start to die of hunger and whatever that fish ate will start to become overpopulated and it will be hard to control the species that are overpopulated.

Putting stricter bans on fishing will help control the overfishing problems but these bans are only as good as the enforcers. Without proper enforcement of these bans they are completely useless. One thing that these bans cannot help with, but other laws can is the problems with trawler fishing. A trawler works by deploying large nets and hoping fish of the type that they need swims into the nets. However this is a good means for producing a lot of fish, the other fish that swim into the net are trapped there as well. For every fish that a trawler catches there are ten other fish that get thrown out. This is huge waste of fish and over fishes the precariously balanced ecosystem.

Now in many places around the world fishing bans are poorly enforced or not enforced at all. And also in many places the benefits of violating these bans outweigh the cost of the fine. In Japan an Australian Blue fin tuna can sell for as much as fifteen thousand dollars. Many Japanese fishers fish these tuna illegally because the fine is not as much as a good tuna can sell for in the market. And so this leads to overfishing. And with overfishing comes an eco-disaster.

One sixth of the world’s population relies on fish for a food source and the number is growing at more than 1% a year. Most of the people who rely on fish are in developing countries. When the fish is depleted these developing countries will have to fight with larger countries like the United States or Japan for the fish. This means higher sea food prices and more tax money being sent to wars around the world. Imagine today’s economy and wars multiplied by ten. This is what it would be like for people in the future if we cannot control overfishing. Our economies would be ravaged and the world would start to slide down a slippery slope away from economic stability.

People have overlooked this problem of overfishing for many years, now is the time to control this problem. Overfishing harms marine ecosystems by tipping the balanced scales of predator and prey. Companies are throwing away totally good fish and fishing bans are not being enforced. This is a problem of a breakdown between law and the common people. Now is the time for us as a nation and as a world to bring to a halt our overfishing problems and help restore the beauty and health of the marine ecosystem.

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