High-End Recreational Vehicles

Today retirees and campers prefer to have all the comforts of home. People want to sit back, socialize and experience warm weather in the winter and cool weather in the summer. Big comfortable beds, state of the art kitchens are standard in the large motor homes. These 40 to 50 feet motor homes come with a price tag of upwards of $100,000 dollars.

When you think recreation vehicles and campsites, you envision a small RV, campsites that offer a tiny space for a cheap price and an economical way for a family to see the country.

Instead of campgrounds, large recreational vehicles frequent RV resorts. Amenities at the resorts, besides water and electricity, may include golf courses, spas, fishing, boating Wi-Fi, cable TV, exercise rooms, massages and planned activities. The resorts are located in every state, Canada and Mexico so you can enjoy the mountains, the seashore or a private lake with lots of big fish. Visit a resort close to a city, enjoy the offerings of the city and return to recreational home away from the city noise.

Because the motor coaches are 40 to 50 feet long, they require a large space to maneuver. Resorts have large drive through lots for rent and for sale. When an owner finds a place the wants to return to each year, they can buy a lot and have a space available whenever it's needed. For a fee, the resort will rent the space out for the owner during the time the owner is away.

If you are in the market to buy check out several locations before making a decision, but with people living longer and baby boomers retiring, the resort lots are a good investment.


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