Decorate and Furnish a Sports and Game Room

Do you have an extra room in your home that you could turn into a sports and game room? It's nice to have a room dedicated to the sports and game enthusiast in your family. Read on for tips on how to decorate your own sports and game room.

WALLS: Hanging jerseys on the wall can be a quick and easy way to decorate the walls in your sports and game room. Get some frames and place the jerseys in them to hang on the walls. Buy posters of your favorite sports or your favorite sports players to hang on the wall. Place team flags and bumper stickers in a frame to hang on the wall, you could even add some news clippings to the frame for an interesting collage.

COLOR: Decorate the room with your favorite team's colors. Paint the walls your favorite team's colors, just be careful not to make the room too dark or it could appear smaller. You could also put in colored light bulbs in the color of your favorite team.

APPLIANCES: The most important thing in your sports and game room will be the TV and the entertainment center. You will also need to have some type of gaming system, like XBox or Playstation for gaming fun. If you are able to, get surround sound and a radio for the ultimate gaming and sports experience in your sports and game room. Get a refrigerator to keep beverages cold and a microwave to warm up dips and snacks to munch on during the endless games that you will be watching in your new sports and game room.

FURNITURE: Place a team couch and chair in your sports room. If you cannot find a couch and chair for your team, simply buy them in your team's colors. Place a pool table and a dart board in your sports and game room, if you have enough space. You could also put a sports bar in your sports and game room, if you have enough space.

Once you have your sports and game room up and running, invite some friends over to watch the "big game" on your TV. You can have a game party and invite some friends to play games on your XBox or Playstation, play some pool or darts, while they snack on some food and beverages and just hang out for some fun.

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