Recreation Therapy- What is It?

A Recreation Therapist, or also called a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, can work in a huge variety of settings. Individuals can become certified as a recreation therapist through the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification. They will then use the letters CTRS, for Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.

All this is great, and earning letters to put after your name is cool, but what does a CTRS do?
A CTRS uses recreation as a therapeutic intervention to help a person meet his or her goals, and be able to live the fullest life possible. A CTRS can work in community recreation, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, correctional facilities, drug and alcohol rehab, nursing homes, schools and many other locations.

A CTRS meets with the individuals and assesses their needs, strengths, and interests. From that assessment the CTRS will formulate a plan which will include goals and interventions. The CTRS will work with other members of the treatment team to meet overall goals for the individual through the goals each member is working on. An example of this overall goal maybe for the person to return home and be independent. Each part of the team is working towards that goal in different ways. A Recreation therapist will work with the person towards independence at home by using recreation and leisure activities the individual enjoys. An example could be using card games to increase problem solving skills and cognition.

Each goal is dependent on the individual and their needs and strengths. The possibilities are endless. One day a recreation therapist may be taking a patient on a fishing trip, the next day helping someone knit, play golf or sing. A recreation therapist can work with people from birth to death. With the greying of america, the role of recreation therapist in long term care will be growing a great deal.

For more information on this exciting field check out ATRA, the American Therapeutic Recreation Association or NCTRC, the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.…

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Recreation Grants

Playgrounds and recreation areas are an important part of communities and they add value to the community also. These public recreation places are designed and created to help people get encouraged to be physically active. This persuades the youth and adults to use their energy in positive way. There are many organizations along with government that provide recreation grants that are helpful in creating and maintaining playgrounds and recreation areas. These grants can be applied by anyone who is interested in the overall development of the society and is working for the betterment of it.

If you are a member of some club or you wish to create a new sports field, redevelop or restart a playground that has been run down or you want to introduce new equipments to a park, you need not worry because there are many organizations that are ready to help you accomplish your desire. These grants are either offered to institutions or non-profit organizations that work in this regard or to the society or community organizations. Some of the grants are specific and are offered by foundations and private businesses to promote typical games or playground equipments.

Recreation grants are very helpful and they provide free financial assistance for the betterment of the society. Watch the deadlines for the grants that you want to apply and then follow the instructions and guidelines while applying for that grants. You can look for these grants on Internet and if you find that you or your organization qualify for that, you can apply for the grant program. Prepare a good and persuasive grant proposal so that the panel finds that you are the most deserving one for the fund as well as facing utmost financial need right now.

Grants are free financial aids and so numbers of applications are on increase. Remember, the competition is tough and so you need to prepare well and then apply for the recreation grants successfully. You can find plenty of resources for the funding of your playground and recreation areas if you invest some time and do proper research in the right direction.…

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Ideas for Safe and Fun Recreational Boating


Recreational boating is one of the most popular activities during the summer months.

Before heading out however, one should know that all states have certain regulations concerning boating, and most require licenses before one can operate a boat. More information can be found by going to your states website. Once you have your license then you are almost ready to head out. Always bring one life-preserver per person, and a throwable PDF, (personal flotation device) in many states this is even a law. Also, bring a cell phone, radio, and some food or drink. In an emergency, these devices can help you call for help, radio your position, and the food will hopefully sustain you until help arrives. Remember, never drink and boat. Boating, the pounding of the surf, and strong sun, make you more susceptible to the effects of alcohol, and put you and your passengers at risk.

Boating can be one of the most enjoyable activities during the summer months because of the variety of things you can do. Fishing is one of the most popular, and a boat can be a great tool to get you where the fish are and allow you to traverse a lot of space in a short period of time. A short trip to the tackle store can get you all set up with the appropriate gear for you area.

Another popular activity is clamming. Getting your own calms is as simple a anchoring your boat off of a beach at high tide, and a few inches in the sand to reach the clams. Everyone will love the fresh sea food you bring back, and it will taste better than any store bought sea-food you have ever tasted before. Always check the local regulations to make sure harvesting shellfish is legal where you are doing it, and safe to eat. Also, obtain a shellfishing permit from your local town-hall.

Tubing and Waterskiing

Tubing and waterskiing can be fun for the whole family, and for most kids there is noting better than being in the water all day flying over the waves. For the more adventurous waterskiing can offer quite the challenge, and the feeling is very unique to any other water sport activity. Tubes and ski's can run as low as a hundred dollars. As before, always check local laws governing this activity.

Some would argue that just bobbing around on the water all day is the best way to spend your time. Certainly the landscapes and atmosphere is more relaxing than almost anything. If you are looking for a Christmas card photo, romantic evening, or picnic destination, anchor your boat in the sun and you will never forget the experience.…

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Aspen Recreation Center – Fun for Everybody

The Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) is the perfect place to end the day. It closes at 9pm, so if you come here after the slopes have closed, you will have a lot of time for your favorite activities. ARC offers a multitude of way to spend time, but the most appreciated is the climbing walls. The center has over 3100 feet of climbing walls where tourists can show their skills. A 3-D climbing tower is also available. It has 4 auto belays and 25 routes.

Another point of maximum attraction is the so called James E. Moore Pool area. Two pools are to be found in this area. The first one is dedicated to passionate swimmers, it measures 25 yards in length and it has six lanes. The second one was designed for recreation and offers a two story side, spray features and a lazy river. If you don't like to stay too much in the pool, you can choose the sauna, the hot tub or the steam room that are also available in the pool area.

Because the inhabitants of Aspen love winter sports, they built the Lewis Ice Arena. Located in the same ARC, the arena can boast with an NHL regulation size skating ice surface, 450 seats, a skate shop for those who want to buy some equipment and locker and shower rooms for the ones that sweat on the ice. At Lewis Ice Arena take place all kind of events, such as hockey matches for adults and children, figure skating and public skating. If you wish to learn skating, lessons are available. Also, if you want a unique birthday party, Lewis Ice Arena can be rented.

If you are sports addicted or want to lose some weight, you may find the cardio and weight rooms on your taste. Fitness classes are offered here. Aspen Recreation Center also hosts a number of other activities that can keep your body in shape. You can play golf, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis or hockey; you can climb the mountains, do aquatics and skateboarding, attend ceramic classes or other such camps.

The center offers babysitting services, so that both you and your baby could have a nice time and enjoy your staying. In order to have enough time to enjoy ARC services you should go there right after your ski session has closed.

For only $15 for adults and $13 for youths, you can get access to the pool area, to the climbing tower and climbing walls, to the ice skating ring, to the weight room, cardio rooms, tennis courts and playhouse. You can also attend adult fitness classes and water aerobics. Aspen Recreation Center means entertainment for the entire family. You can call in anticipation to be informed about the program and special events that will coincide with your vacation.…

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High-End Recreational Vehicles

Today retirees and campers prefer to have all the comforts of home. People want to sit back, socialize and experience warm weather in the winter and cool weather in the summer. Big comfortable beds, state of the art kitchens are standard in the large motor homes. These 40 to 50 feet motor homes come with a price tag of upwards of $100,000 dollars.

When you think recreation vehicles and campsites, you envision a small RV, campsites that offer a tiny space for a cheap price and an economical way for a family to see the country.

Instead of campgrounds, large recreational vehicles frequent RV resorts. Amenities at the resorts, besides water and electricity, may include golf courses, spas, fishing, boating Wi-Fi, cable TV, exercise rooms, massages and planned activities. The resorts are located in every state, Canada and Mexico so you can enjoy the mountains, the seashore or a private lake with lots of big fish. Visit a resort close to a city, enjoy the offerings of the city and return to recreational home away from the city noise.

Because the motor coaches are 40 to 50 feet long, they require a large space to maneuver. Resorts have large drive through lots for rent and for sale. When an owner finds a place the wants to return to each year, they can buy a lot and have a space available whenever it's needed. For a fee, the resort will rent the space out for the owner during the time the owner is away.

If you are in the market to buy check out several locations before making a decision, but with people living longer and baby boomers retiring, the resort lots are a good investment.


Resort directory
RV Basics: Knowing How to Buy an RV can Save You Money…

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Laughing Is the Best Recreation

As an independent filmmaker with a "day job," I don't really have a lot of free time. But when I do have a free night, I love to head out to a local comedy club, kick back, have a few drinks and laugh the night away while watching creative people do one of the hardest most nerve-wracking things a person can do: Get up in front of a bunch of strangers and try to make them laugh.

Some of my favorite comedians include: Louis C.K., Mike Birbiglia, and Eugene Mirman. However, you won't see anyone famous unless you live closer to a big city. If you don't live close to a big city, no worries, you can always hit up the local scene and see some great up and comers. There is just something magical about heading out to the local comedy clubs and seeing these new standup comedians cutting their teeth early on in their careers. These are people just like you and me, except they had the courage to get up on stage and risk bombing mercilessly. The stage can be a cruel mistress, but if the jokes are hitting it can be one of the best feelings in the world.

I think one of the reasons I'm so fascinated by stand up comedy is because I am utterly terrified to try it. I have such a tremendous amount of respect for anyone that is willing to stick their neck out like that. It takes a unique kind of person to be able to pull it off. Perhaps someday I will overcome my fear and try it. I think I'd be good at it if I weren't deathly afraid of it.

Watching comedy on television isn't nearly as good as seeing it live. So if you have the opportunity to go see some live comedy I suggest you do it. The best part is hanging out with the comedians after the show. I've met so many great people. Plus if they ever get famous I can say "I knew them when".

If you don't know where any comedy clubs are near you I suggest using comedyrocks.com. There you can search for comedy clubs in your area.…

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Rent a Recreational Vehicle or RV

If you have ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams you may wonder what the attraction is in going on vacation in a recreational vehicle. We have done it and the movie RV just makes us laugh because so much of it is true.

When you go on vacation in an RV you have some moments when you wonder why you are doing this. It can be work to go on vacation in a recreational vehicle. You have to clean your vehicle, dispose of waste, and drive a lot. It is not exactly a relaxing trip to take and it can be expensive especially with the gas prices we have now. But the memories you take home with you are something that can't be taken away from you.

When you go traveling in a RV you will meet up with the noisy neighbor at the campground. Maybe you like to go to bed early and your camping neighbor likes to stay up late. Or maybe you like to stay up late and your camping neighbor wants to get up early. Sleeping schedules are not the same with most people and you will have a neighbor who is noisy.

In an RV your family will experience closeness. Be prepared for that if you take the family on an RV trip. After all you are stuck in close quarters for the length of your trip. Going on a RV trip is a great way to bring a family together and get to know them. You all pitch in together and do a lot of activities together.

When you go on an RV trip you get to see the country from the road. You can travel to places far from civilization and still stay in a comfortable place with beds and a bathroom. You will have your kitchen along with you with everything you need to prepare a meal.

A recreational vehicle is a large vehicle and you can take a lot of things with you on your vacation like your bikes. You can take bike trails and see some of the backcountry. You can take outdoor games like volley ball complete with a net. You can tae all the things you need to have fun and be comfortable in a RV.

Traveling in a recreational vehicles is not the type of travel for everyone so before you buy a RV I suggest taking a trip in a rented RV. You can rent an RV in many places. Check the RV dealer near you to find out more.…

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Recreational Ultrasounds – Are They Safe?

There has been a lot of talk in the news about the possibility that receiving a recreational ultrasound may be unsafe. No one knows for sure what the long term effects of multiple ultrasound's are and probably won't for a few more years.

I can defiantly relate to wanting to see your baby. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your babies face for the first time and being offered the opportunity to catch a glimpse at the beautiful little face is nearly impossible to resist. But is it responsible to take part in a medical procedure in a non medical setting?
While pregnant with my second child I considered going to an ultrasound boutique for a sneak peak but because of complications in my pregnancy I decided against it because my doctor informed me that I would be having an ultrasound 1-2 times per week during the last few months of pregnancy. I felt happy because of the opportunity to see my baby and It defiantly offered me peace of mind.

My concern for mothers seeking recreational ultrasound's is based on my experience receiving multiple ultrasound's for medical reasons. During my third ultrasound of the pregnancy at around 22 weeks I experienced some noticeable contractions during the ultrasound. The technician actually noticed them first. I thought that I was having some gas pain when I asked to take a short break and she had commented that my stomach was hard and that she thought I was having contractions. They lasted through the rest of my appointment and well into the night. The doctor didn't believe that it was directly related to the ultrasound and neither did I until the weeks following. It seems that every time that I went for an ultrasound it caused me to have contractions that lasted into the night and sometimes for a few days following. My doctor usually advised that I lay down on my left side and drink a full glass of water when this happened but sometimes this didn't help. More than once I was forced to go to the ER for monitoring and sometimes a shot to relax the contractions.

I know that this won't happen to everyone but wouldn't you hate to know that premature labor was brought on and your baby was at risk all for the sake of a keep sake. My doctor never acknowledged that the contractions were a result of the ultrasound but I know in my heart that it was. It seems a rather large coincidence that it only happened during and after an ultrasound. I am NOT saying to go against the advise of your doctor. If your doctor advises that your receive an ultrasound then listen to them. I'm just saying that perhaps receiving a recreational ultrasound is a bad idea, mostly because they are not performed in a medical setting. If complications were to arise during the administration of a doctor prescribed ultrasound you would be in a medical setting were help could be given.

If you must get a non medical ultrasound, ask questions. Check with your doctor first, require information about the boutique and the administrator, and avoid if you are a high risk pregnancy. In a few short months you will have the best keepsake of all, your baby. Why take the risk unless it's medically necessary?…

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Recreational Bowling Tips

Bowling is a sport despite what others may call it – "recreational sport," "recreational past-time," or "entertainment." It is a sport in spite of the fact that it is not listed under the "Sports" category of many of the news pages on the internet. In any event, here's my "Choc-List" for the recreational bowler who wants to enjoy their time with their family and/or friends throwing a few bowling balls down the lane::

1) Never assume you can just walk into a bowling center at any time and get a lane to bowl on. Make a call to the bowling center to check on availability of lanes. The majority of establishments have regular leagues, tournaments, and special events going on throughout the day so "Open Bowling" could be restricted at the time you want to go. Reservations may or may not be taken. This one phone call could save you from making a long drive for nothing and also, disappointment to the group as a whole.

2) Individual game and shoe rental costs vary depending on the time of day. Prices are cheaper earlier in the day and more expensive in the evenings and on the weekends. The game price is per-person, per-game and the rental shoes are a one-time charge. Be sure to ask about specials because bowling alleys always have them but, may forget to mention them to you.

3) Always look for the control desk when you enter the bowling center. In a large percentage of houses, they are directly visible as you enter the front doors. If not, they are easy to recognize since they have a long counter with a visible microphone and of course, a counter-person behind it. If you can't spot the counter easily, ask someone to point it out to you. Like the front desk of a hotel/motel, this is where you will check-in, check-out, and be the central point for reporting any problems or if you have any questions.

4) Always be safety-conscious in the bowling center. You are using specially soled shoes that you have to slide with so make sure you check them regularly and that nothing (like water) gets on them – if you stick, you may find yourself spread-eagled on the lanes. You are moving yourself forward and taking steps (called an "approach"), in order to propel a hard-surfaced ball down a 60-foot lane – do not "horse around" with the bowling ball nor interrupt your friend when they are in the middle of their approach. Many injuries, both minor and major, occur in recreational bowling because of "horse-play."

There is a lot of literature at the bowling center to help you learn about all aspects of bowling. Also ask your control desk person about any rules, etiquette, and other courtesies which will help you enjoy bowling better.…

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Recreation in the Recession

In the troubled economy, Americans are still spending money. Some limit their funds to the basics – things like toilet paper, groceries, gas, and bills. But others find it in their budgets to invest in fun. Industries like movies, recreation, and lotteries are booming in these hard times. The "discretionary dollar" is being spent here and there on things that end up making millions and billions of dollars. Last year, the business was worth $55 billion dollars alone.

But what if nobody invested in the lottery? The dollars that go to state-sponsored lottery programs end up giving high school students scholarships for college, among other things. Some claim that the lottery is one big hoax, and that new marketing schemes make it impossible for the average Joe to get a slice of the pie. But either way, the lottery is an important part of the American economy, both on the state and national level. The industry creates new business, and maintains the clientèle it has seen for years. Men and women alike have confessed to spending upwards of $25,000 over the years on lottery tickets, with receiving little to no cash in return.

Likewise, the movie business is booming. In times past, the movie industry was popular during hard times. The Great Depression saw the rise of Hollywood's Golden Age, and in the current American recession, movie sales are generally up 15% from this time last year. One has to wonder – is this rise in sales because of the weather, the time of year (because students are on spring break), or are we as a population seeing more movies in theaters? In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where I live, the price of a movie ticket has gone up two dollars from two years ago. Similarly, the "rush hour" price has been discontinued, and the deal they offered to movie-goers of student age is no longer available. It makes sense that people would avoid the theaters, and yet, even our local movie business has seen a jump in sales. Analysts in marketing trends are beginning to wonder if we are in fact entering a revival of the 1940's power hour of Hollywood.

Recreation in the recession – a marketing man's challenge, proving to be worth it entirely. Americans are spending money on the things they used to love, and now need. Time and time again civilizations have shown that watching film, plays, and shows help ease tough times, and the other miscellaneous things we can do in life also help to take our mind of the things we cannot avoid. The lottery is said to give citizens hope. By spending a dollar here, and a dollar there, people are able to hope that one day in the near future they too will be millionaires. Unfortunately, those dollars may be better spent helping the economy by investments or savings accounts.…

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