Bowfishing Tips

Bowfishing is a different method to fish by using an archery bow to shoot and retrieve fish. The barbed arrow that you use to shoot the fish is attached to a line and reel that are mounted on the bow. People that go bowfishing often hunt for carp in freshwater and sharks and rays in saltwater. Bowfishing is a fun and exciting way to fish and I spent the last few years practicing and getting better at it. In this article you will find some basic tips that have helped me bowfish over the years.

Here's some important things to need to remember if you plan on bowfishing:

  • Be sure to check your areas local laws about fishing. You will most likely need a license to fish in your state.
  • Check the laws regarding equipment. Some states have laws that will tell you what kind of equipment is allowed to use while bowfishing.
  • Find out what kinds of fish you can catch. Some areas have laws that will only let you fish certain types of fish.
  • If you are not experienced with a bow, you may want to consider taking a safety course for archery fishing.

Here's some tips that will help you become successful at bowfishing:

  • Learn how to tune your bow. Tuning is the process of ensuring that your bow is setup properly for optimal performance. You should also learn how to calibrate the nock on your bow.
  • Learn to tie great knots. Making sure you have a good knot on your line will ensure that it doesn't slip or come lose when you are fishing with it.
  • Practice your shot. It will take some time to get good at shooting your bow and hitting the target every time. It took me several weeks of practice to learn how to hit my target 90% of the time.
  • Remember that you are shooting into the water. The water will create some resistance when the arrow hits the water. So you will have to compensate for the added resistance from the water when you are shooting your arrow at fish.

You are not limited to sitting in a boat all day when you are bow fishing. While some people enjoy still hunting, I prefer the stalking method. To stalk the fish you can be on foot or in a boat and you will remain in constant motion while looking for fish. Another method that some fellow fisherman of mine enjoy is the ambush method. It's best to ambush the types of fish that crowd in schools because you have a better chance of hitting one with your shot.

Bowfishing can be a lot of fun, although slightly frustrating at first. But, once you get the hang of shooting the bow at fish, you will find that it's fun and exciting. Just remember to follow the tips listed in this article and you will be on your way to being a great bowfisher in no time.

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