Book Review: The Old Schoolhouse HomeWork

Running a homeschool can be a challenging, but rewarding, lifestyle. Not only do you have the responsibility of teaching your children, but much of your time is spent with your children. In a world where a two-income family is the norm, this can pose a problem. If your husband's job (although dads can teach, they are usually the breadwinners in the homeschool family) doesn't bring in enough income, moms might be tempted to throw in the towel, send their children back to school, and go to work. After all, how many good jobs are going to offer the flexibility that homeschool moms need? That's where a home-based business can come in. This Old Schoolhouse HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance, is a e-book written for moms that have started or want to start a home-based business.

Business Inspiration

HomeWork is a book full of business ideas. The book contains stories written by homeschool moms that have started earning money at home. One mom started a home business bringing new life to old clothing while living in a motor home, another mom started selling Usborne Books. In many of these cases, the children were able to help out with the business, learning valuable skills in the process. In every case, parents had to find a balance between teaching, managing a home, and managing their business.

Home Business Tips

If this book inspires you to start your own home business, or if you have already started your home business and need a little extra help, HomeWork also provides helpful tips on running your business smoothly. A chapter of this book is devoted to business finances. It doesn't make sense to operate a business that isn't making money, and keeping good records will help small business owners learn what works for their business… and what doesn't. Spreadsheet examples are provided to help you set up your business's bookkeeping. I was immediately able to use the chapter to improve my own writing business's record keeping.

Another chapter is devoted to organization. Most homeschoolers are flooded with books and school supplies, and a business only adds more items to keep track of. HomeWork not only delves into managing your stuff, it also discusses managing your time. Homeschool moms are often busy, especially if they are running a business. It is important to keep your priorities straight, and this book can help.

General Opinion

HomeWork is well written and interesting. It is written from a Christian perspective, but it provides helpful information that can be used by members of any faith. If you haven't started a home business but would like to, HomeWork is inspiring. If you have your own home business but are having trouble balancing it all, this book helps you see how other people have done it, and might be of help to you. This book also provides an appendix with links about different types of home-based businesses and general resources for small businesses.

Whether you are thinking about or have already started a home-based business, HomeWork is an inspirational resource.

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