Aspen Recreation Center – Fun for Everybody

The Aspen Recreation Center (ARC) is the perfect place to end the day. It closes at 9pm, so if you come here after the slopes have closed, you will have a lot of time for your favorite activities. ARC offers a multitude of way to spend time, but the most appreciated is the climbing walls. The center has over 3100 feet of climbing walls where tourists can show their skills. A 3-D climbing tower is also available. It has 4 auto belays and 25 routes.

Another point of maximum attraction is the so called James E. Moore Pool area. Two pools are to be found in this area. The first one is dedicated to passionate swimmers, it measures 25 yards in length and it has six lanes. The second one was designed for recreation and offers a two story side, spray features and a lazy river. If you don't like to stay too much in the pool, you can choose the sauna, the hot tub or the steam room that are also available in the pool area.

Because the inhabitants of Aspen love winter sports, they built the Lewis Ice Arena. Located in the same ARC, the arena can boast with an NHL regulation size skating ice surface, 450 seats, a skate shop for those who want to buy some equipment and locker and shower rooms for the ones that sweat on the ice. At Lewis Ice Arena take place all kind of events, such as hockey matches for adults and children, figure skating and public skating. If you wish to learn skating, lessons are available. Also, if you want a unique birthday party, Lewis Ice Arena can be rented.

If you are sports addicted or want to lose some weight, you may find the cardio and weight rooms on your taste. Fitness classes are offered here. Aspen Recreation Center also hosts a number of other activities that can keep your body in shape. You can play golf, soccer, softball, baseball, tennis or hockey; you can climb the mountains, do aquatics and skateboarding, attend ceramic classes or other such camps.

The center offers babysitting services, so that both you and your baby could have a nice time and enjoy your staying. In order to have enough time to enjoy ARC services you should go there right after your ski session has closed.

For only $15 for adults and $13 for youths, you can get access to the pool area, to the climbing tower and climbing walls, to the ice skating ring, to the weight room, cardio rooms, tennis courts and playhouse. You can also attend adult fitness classes and water aerobics. Aspen Recreation Center means entertainment for the entire family. You can call in anticipation to be informed about the program and special events that will coincide with your vacation.

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