10 Top Sports Songs

Sports songs pump you up and get the adrenaline going. It adds to the mood and gets the crowd watching, it celebrates a moment or it is so closely associated with a particular sport we hear one and think of the other. Then there’s others that can apply to many sports. Music is life – and sports are certainly a part of life!

We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions – Queen made this into a stadium anthem not only for their concerts but for sporting events everywhere. It was the song to play as the Black Hawk East Community College Warriors chased a state basketball title to the semi-finals and it’s been sung in a wide range of sporting events since.

“And The Crowd Goes Wild” opens with a NASCAR story and has a chorus of “you’re shining like a superstar baby”. It is applicable to concerts and sporting events alike and Mark Wills still performs the crowd favorite in concert.

“Run for the Roses” was Dan Fogelberg’s tribute to the once in a lifetime chance to stamp destiny. The foals grow in western Kentucky and on one day as a three year old there is a chance to win one of the most famous of races, the “most exciting two minutes in sports” – the Kentucky Derby. It doesn’t matter what they do the week before or after – that first Saturday in May stamps their name in the sport’s champions forever.

“All My Rowdy Friends Are coming over tonight” is Hank Williams Jr’s most famous song, arguably. But the opening strains of the keyboards say “FOOTBALL” before the first word is sung. As the theme for the Monday Night Football it’s firmly stamped as a sports song.

“Jump” is Van Halen’s contribution to the sports music lineup. Hearing the opening strains of it gets the blood pumping whether it’s for a soccer game or a bull ride.

“Another One Bites The Dust” is another Queen anthem fans have sung when a player is pulled from a game or, for some in a star season at the end of a winning game.

Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye” has long been a rallying cry sung when someone strikes out, fouls out or is pulled from the game. Rival teams use it in the last minutes of a game also when they are winning easily over an opponent.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game has lasted since 1908 and seems it’s always been a baseball song. For 101 years the chorus has been sung. So popular has that been the rest of the lyric is largely forgotten.

“Centerfield” – John Fogerty gave baseball a new cry with “put me in coach!” which could be used for many sports but only one pays homage to Joe Dimaggio and the spring ode to baseball.

There’s been sad ones such as “The Blind Man in the Bleachers” and others too – but these represent sports either for a particular sport or for all.

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